Lintel repairs & lintel replacement

Lintel repairs and lintel replacement.
It goes without saying that the structural integrity of any building is key to it being safe to use and able to stand the test of time. Period and historical buildings though can often suffer from lintel deterioration. This can lead to structural problems which can cause structural collapse if left unattended.

Here at Dermot Paul Conservation and Restoration, we can repair damaged lintels or replace them if required. This not only helps to restore the building to its former glory but also keeps it standing.

Lintel repairs

Lintel repair

Lintels are used above wall, window and door openings to help support the weight of the building. Repairs to lintels are a serious business but necessary to keep your building structurally sound. If you notice cracks below or above window/door openings, then it could mean your lintel has deteriorated. This could see it in a weakened state and in need of repair.

Lintel repair with lintel reinforcements helps stop the possible collapse of outer building masonry externally. It will also deliver a barrier against more cracks appearing and give extra strength to the masonry structure. At Dermot Paul Conservation and Restoration, this work is carried out by our experienced team who work in the least disruptive way possible. The net result is a safer, stronger building that has been fixed for the long term.

Lintel replacement

Although it is worth making every effort to repair any damaged lintels, sometimes this is not possible. If the damage is too great to fix or the lintel too weakened, to begin with, a replacement will be needed. We use stainless steel supports for this and stone or brick facades. This not only provides a long-lasting, strong new lintel to enjoy but also one that looks awesome. Get in touch with us today to chat about your structural issues and our lintel replacement service.

Lintel repairs and lintel replacement

Why are issues with my lintel happening now?

Although modern structures normally use concrete or steel lintels, older properties can use stone or timber ones. This could see lintel supports starting to fail in older buildings because of natural weakening. This deterioration may also be caused by woodworm, dry rot, wet rot or environmental factors.

Do I really need to repair or replace my damaged lintels?

The simple answer is yes. As soon as you see common signs of lintel damage (such as cracks in masonry), you need to call in professional builders like Dermot Paul Conservation and Restoration. If this is not done quickly, further issues with the building may crop up or it could become unsafe to live in. Dealing with this problem sooner can also see it cost less to repair, rather than waiting for it to get worse before acting.

Lintel repair and lintel replacement

At Dermot Paul Conservation and Restoration, we have over 30 years of experience fixing or replacing lintels on both public and private buildings. Fully insured, we take great pride in our work and are both reliable and trustworthy. We can also deal with your insurance provider if needed to provide quotes or feedback. Get in touch today for your free inspection and quote.

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