Historical building arch experts

At Dermot Paul Conservation and Restoration, we are Historical building arch experts  with the TLC they require to look beautiful and remain in good working order.

Historical building arch experts

Historical building services

Providing a wide range of specialist services for both public and private buildings, our team of professionals are renowned for attending to the needs of historical buildings, in particular. We take pride in the fact that we boast an enviable reputation for supplying both historical building arch reporting services, as well as historical building arch rebuilding and repair work.

Stone and brick specialists

Our dedicated team of specialists have amassed over 30 years of experience in our craft, providing expert arch repair, rebuilding and reporting services for both stone and brick arches. By understanding what’s required to give an arch a new lease of life, whether it requires repairs to the stone and brickwork or a good clean, you can guarantee a professional end result from our knowledgeable and skilled team.

We always take the needs of each historical building into consideration when carrying out our work, using specialist tools and methods to ensure care and precision are top of our agenda. While we ensure that your historical building is given the necessary services it requires, we are always mindful of making sure we retain the character and beauty of each building’s facade.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Because our team of professionals take high-quality standards seriously when carrying out all aspects of historical building arch reporting, repair and rebuilding, we have earned a reputable name for ourselves in the industry. As well as being proud of our immaculate client satisfaction record, we are renowned for being trustworthy and reliable.

Fully insured

It goes without saying that our historical building arch repair business is fully insured, and if you’re in a situation where your insurance provider needs contacting, allow our experts to provide them with the necessary feedback and quote that they may require.

Our helpful and dependable team of specialists will happily come out to inspect your building’s arches, as well as other features, such as your chimney, without you incurring any cost. We will also supply you with a cost-effective quote.

We’ll then get to work to promptly put your building back in good order and are happy to answer any of your questions along the way, while putting our experts’ skills into good use. Contact our friendly team to discuss how our conservation and restoration professionals can be of assistance.

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