Brick & stone cleaning

Brick and stone cleaning

Brick and stone cleaning

Brick and stone cleaning are popular building materials for homes – and for good reason. Being durable and aesthetically pleasing, it’s no wonder that these materials have remained in fashion for so many years.

Despite their longevity, over time, brick and stone can start to show the signs of daily wear and tear, where their colours fade and take on a drab and dreary appearance. Traffic fumes, pollution, carbon damage, paint and the weather can all spoil the look of brick and stone buildings.

Cleaning to the rescue

At Dermot Paul Conservation and Restoration, we provide professional brick and stone cleaning services to give your buildings a new lease of life. Whatever has negatively impacted the visual appearance of your brick and stone buildings, our experts have the skills and know-how to put things right again.

experienced Brick & Stone Cleaners

With over 30 years of experience to our name, we have vast amounts of expertise in smartening up tired and weary brick and stone buildings. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of cleaning and restoring a wide range of different types and sizes of public and private building facades, including brick facade heritage buildings and the iconic redbrick Georgian buildings that are a feature in Dublin.

Specialist equipment

As experts in our field, we always carry out each brick and stone cleaning job using the latest, specialist equipment, that is both safe and highly effective in transforming a building. Paying attention to detail is second nature to our team, so you can expect thorough, dedicated workmanship, however much attention your building’s facade demands.

We carry out each job according to its individual needs, whether a building requires a general makeover to look cleaner, or whether you want paint removed from the facade, using our specialist tools and equipment.

Brick and stone cleaning


Whether you’ve used our services before or are new to Dermot Paul Conservation and Restoration, we take pride in the fact that we are regarded as trustworthy and reliable by the many satisfied customers who use our business.

Fully insured Brick & Stone Contractors

Our brick and stone cleaning business is fully insured, for your peace of mind. We will also happily deal with your insurance provider if required, supplying a quote and our professional feedback.

Our friendly and helpful team will gladly visit your property to carry out a full inspection and to give you a free quote. So, what are you waiting for? Allow our experts to give your building’s facade the facelift it deserves.

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